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Furholt, Martin; Großmann, Ralph; Szmyt, Marzena: Transitional Landscapes?=The 3rd Millennium BC in Europe.

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Beran, Jonas
Empires and Revolutions in the 3rd Millennium: Supra-Regional Rule and Extra Economic Compulsion as a Causative Background of Widespread Cultural Phenomena
10 € 2,00
Furholt, Martin
Corded Ware and Bell Beakers ? A Practice-based Perspective on Local Communities, Transregional Interaction and Social Heterogeneity in Late Neolithic Europe
16 € 3,20
Großmann, Ralph
Interrelations between Corded Ware and Bell Beaker Phenomena? Material Cultures and Identities in the 3rd MillenniumBC
14 € 2,80
Heyd, Volker
Das Zeitalter der Ideologien: Migration, Interaktion und Expansion im prähistorischen Europa des 4. und 3. Jahrtausends v. Chr.
32 € 6,40
Iversen, Rune
Was There Ever a Single Grave Culture in East Denmark? Traditions and Transformations in the 3rd MillenniumBC
12 € 2,40
Johannsen, Niels; Nielsen, Simon K.; Jensen Sine T.
Northwestern Jutland at the Dawn of the 3rd Millennium: Navigating Life and Death in a New Socioeconomic Landscape?
18 € 3,60
Kleijne, J.P.; Beckerman, S.M.; Brinkhuizen, D.C.; Brinkkemper, O.; Garcia-Diaz, V.; Kubiak-Martens, L.; Lauwerier, R.C.G.M.; Nobles, G.R.; Oudemansμ, T.F.M.
Sifting through Single Grave Settlements: Keinsmerbrug and Mienakker in the Noord Holland Tidal Area (the Netherlands)
12 € 2,40
Klimscha, Florian
Axes and Allies: Long-range Contacts in Northern Central Europe during the 4th and 3rd Millennia BC as Exemplified by Stone and Metal Artefacts
16 € 3,20
Kolár, Jan
IdealizedWorld or Real Society? Social Patterns of Corded Ware Culture in Moravia (Czech Republic)
18 € 3,60
Pelisiak, Andrzej
The Beginnings of Mobile Husbandry in the Mountain Periphery of Southeastern Poland
20 € 4,00
Rasmussen, Uffe
Gaasemosen: A Contribution to the Study of the Economic Strategy of the Single Grave Cultur
16 € 3,20
Szmyt, Marzena
Distant East Destinations of Globular Amphora Culture People:Creation and re-Creation of Identity in Peripheral Landscapes
14 € 2,80
Westermann, Jakob
Grasping Grave Goods: Remarks on Bowls in the Corded Ware Culture based on their Distribution on the Vikletice Cemetery and their Corporeal Placement in the Grave Room
8 € 1,60

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