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Kneisel, Jutta; Dal Corso, Marta; Kirleis, Wiebke: The Third Food Revolution?=Setting the Bronze Age Table: Common Trends in Economic and Subsistence Strategies in Bronze Age Europe.

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Auxiette, Ginette; Peake, Rebecca; Toulemonde, Francoise
Food Production and Diet during the Late Bronze Age in the Upper Seine Valley (France)
16 € 2,40
Bringemeier, Lisa; Krause, Rüdiger; Stobbe, Astrid; Röpke, Astrid
Expansions of Bronze Age Pasture Farming and Environmental Changes in the Northern Alps (Montafon, Austria and Prättigau, Switzerland) - An Integrated Palaeoenvironmental and Archaeological Approach
20 € 3,00
Delgado-Raack, Selina; Risch, Roberto
Social Change and Subsistence Production on the Iberian Peninsula during the 3rd and 2nd Millennia BCE
26 € 3,90
Jahns, Susanne
Bronze Age Settlements Reflected in Pollen Diagrams from Brandenburg, Eastern Germany
12 € 1,80
Johnston, Penny
Examining Social and Economic Aspects of Middle to Late Bronze Age Settlement in Ireland Using Archaeobotany: Case Studies from North Cork
12 € 1,80
Kneisel, Jutta
Bronze Age Settlements Reflected in the Material Culture of the Surroundings of Lake Sacrow
20 € 2,70
Kneisel, Jutta; Dal Corso, Marta; Kirleis, Wiebke; Taylor, Nicole; Tiedtke, Verena
The Third Food Revolution? Common Trends in Economic and Subsistence Strategies in Bronze Age Europe
12 € 1,80
Rösch, Manfred; Fischer, Elske; Lechterbeck, Jutta; Kleinmann, Angelika; Sillmann, Marion; Tserendorj, Gegeensuvd; Wick, Lucia
Bronze Age Land Use and Food Production in Southwest Germany in Light of Botanical On#Site and Off#Site Data
20 € 3,00
Rosenstock, Eva; Groß, Marcus; Hujic, Alisa; Scheibner, Alisa
Back to Good Shape: Biological Standard of Living in the Copper and Bronze Ages and the Possible Role of Food
32 € 4,80
Scheibner, Alisa
Changes after the Revolution: Uniformity or Diversity in Neolithic and Bronze Age Diets?
28 € 3,90
Scholz, Heiko
Early Bronze Age Hoard Finds from the Havel Area in Light of the Pollen Profile of Lake Sacrow
6 € 0,90
Szeverényi, Vajk; Priskin, Anna; Czukor, Péter; Torma, Andrea; Tóth, Anikó
Subsistence, Settlement and Society in the Late Bronze Age of Southeast Hungary: A Case Study of the Fortified Settlement instructions at Csanádpalota#Földvár
24 € 3,30
Taylor, Nicole
Food for Thought: Plant Macro-Remains and Spatial Organisation
10 € 1,50
Tiedtke, Verena
Grave, Pig and Pine - Animals and Plants at the Lusatian Urn Field of Müllrose, East Brandenburg
12 € 1,80
van Amerongen, Yvonne F.
Fish in Bronze Age West Frisia: A Proxy for the Reconstruction of Environment and Activity
16 € 2,40

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